Appropriate training, nutrition and injury prevention are key factors in continued participation, development and enjoyment of the sport or activities we love.

With the help of a few trusted partners we are excited to be bringing you regular blog posts to help in this area.

First up is a look at injury prevention for runners from our good friends David Hooper and Jules Rowe at Synergy Sport and Remedial Massage Therapy.

So here are Dave and Jules top 10 strategies:

1. Buy running footwear from a running shop, not from a large department store “sports shop”. You may end up with fashion trainers as opposed to running shoes.

2. Buy your running shoes a 1/2 size bigger as your feet will swell when they get hot.

3. Do not increase anything in training by more than 10% ie distance, intensity, duration, intervals, inclines.

4. Roller your muscles frequently with either a ball or a foam roller. The most common injuries can be prevented in many cases apart from direct overuse injury.

5. Leave yourself enough time to train for your event, 6 weeks from sofa to marathon will injure you.

6. Warm up properly with dynamic stretches and strides. Static stretches can be done at the end of a run but are not really that useful at the start.

7. Nutrition and hydration are vital before, during and after training. Poor nutritional choices can lead to energy loss and dehydration, deteriorating running form and then overuse injuries and cramp.

8. Training pain and injury pain is not the same thing. One will make you stronger, the other will sideline you. Any injuries get seen by a professional, not advice from a facebook group.

9. Get a massage at least monthly for your lower limbs. A good massage therapist can help reduce the build up of muscle tension that you may not be aware of and therefore prevent onset of injury.

10. If you have a long history of recurrent injury or you are getting ongoing niggles, get a running technique analysis from a professional that is able to correct your running form. Running shop analysis only looks at how you run, it does not correct your technique.

We hope this helps and look forward to seeing you at the Dark Skies Night Running Series coming winter 2019/20.

Happy Running 🙂