We are pleased to announce that the future is exciting for Channel Events now we have incorporated as a community interest company (CIC).

Channel Events will now formally be known as Channel UK Events CIC having made the move to become a not for profit social enterprise.

Our aim is simple:

‘Increase regular participation in outdoor activity through the delivery of mass participation events’.

How will we achieve this we hear you ask?

As an event entrant:

Our events provide the opportunity for individuals to make
positive changes in their lives for the relatively small cost of an
event entry. Upon purchasing entry to an event a ‘pin’ is placed in a person’s calendar and that individual benefits from the motivation, healthy lifestyle changes,
new social interaction and new narrative that comes with preparing
for the event. We then support these individuals with training plans,
dedicated mentor contact and a network of other entrants with
whom to interact. Events range from accessible walks to mountain
bike challenges and introductory triathlons. All are set in
stimulating natural environments and promote understanding of
and respect for the countryside.

As a volunteer:

Our events provide many opportunities to get involved alongside
actual participation. Many of the benefits explained above can be
found by volunteering and this provides a free way to access these
benefits and more. The community of volunteers has its own
identity, the Channel ‘TRIBE’ and special events are put on to encourage and support
new volunteers. In addition to this, volunteers receive a free t-shirt,
volunteer pack, event ay refreshments, free activities and free event tickets should they
wish to participate. This makes for a very inclusive offer and
encourages participation at all levels. Our events introduce people
to new environments and to each other – and we encourage an
ongoing healthy and happy life well beyond the immediate prompt
of our events.

There are many ways to get on board with Channel UK Events CIC.

Enter one or more of our awesome events.
Join the ‘TRIBE’ and volunteer at our awesome events.
Work collaboratively with us to engage more people into a healthy lifestyle though business partnerships, social media promotion and constructive feedback.

For more information and to get involved check out the website or drop us an e-mail.


We look forward to seeing you at a Channel event in 2019 and beyond.