I’m sure many of you already know that we as Channel Events are a Community Interest Company (CIC), but what does that really mean?



A CIC is a special form of non-charitable limited company, which exists primarily to benefit a community or with a view to pursuing a social purpose, rather than to make a profit for shareholders.  So basically, we’re all about you.  The community, and the amazing space that surrounds us!

As Dan said recently “our events are about cool people doing awesome things in stunning locations! It’s not about the race but the immersion in our breathtaking outdoor spaces!”.

Education and Protection of Our Outdoor Spaces

We want to take you to places that you’ll love and respect, then in turn help to protect them.

We so often see TV campaigns and articles splashed all over social media, but how much of that actually filters through to our awareness?  By going, doing and experiencing first hand, we believe that people will become much more aware of what’s going on around them and the issues our beautiful outdoor spaces are facing.

Mental Health

We firmly believe that being outdoors and being active is also linked to mental wellbeing.  Signing up for an event is just the beginning!  You’ve set a goal, a challenge!  There’s the training, the buzz of the event day, meeting new people and the massive sense of achievement at the end!
As we’ve said, it’s all about you! And such, there aren’t many things that make this more worthwhile than hearing how our events make you feel!  What your experience was like on the day and the massive smiles as you cross the finish lines!

Here’s what some of our riders said about the Mendip Murmuration which took place recently:

“It’s a really lively and exciting day with a great bunch of riders and awesome supporting team. Best event of the year – always brings a smile to my face”

“great atmosphere very enjoyable and well planned out”

“A chance to get out and enjoy a well organised off-road ride, whatever your standard of technical expertise – great scenery and camaraderie”

We absolutely love getting your post event feedback (so if you still haven’t filled in that survey ………… !!)

A Sense of Community

As a CIC we’re constantly looking at ways in which we can help our local communities too!  Dan has been talking with the Exmoor National Park Authority and the National Trust about having a “plant a tree” option rather than having a medal or finishers momento. You will have seen the fantastic national projects around this subject but we would rather trees donated from our events be planted in our locality, be the right trees, in the right locations and for the right reasons, not just a large coniferous plantation! I know we all love a bit of event bling, but how great would it be to donate and plant trees after an event!  How great would it also be for people to actually get involved with the project and spend a day planting their own tree with their MTB, running or Tri community that they’ve just shared their event experiences with?  Building communities within our event participants as well as helping those communities around us.  Exciting stuff!

Our Tribe Community

Talking about communities, we can’t not talk about our awesome community of volunteers!  Our Tribe!  Event days are entirely run by Volunteers (even Dan dons his bright orange Tribe t-shirt on event days as a member of the volunteer TRIBE and not as a part-time employee), many of whom come back and help time and time again.  The days themselves can be hard work, but always full of fun! It’s amazing to see people come in as strangers and leave the day as firm friends!  There’s always a great sense of camaraderie amongst the Tribe volunteers (maybe the free breakfasts provided help start the day off on a good foot too!).  On average it takes between 30 and 60 volunteers to man each event – if you would like to get involved then please email us at events@channelgroup.co.uk.
But it doesn’t end there! That community continues with an open invite to take part in our Mid Week Warriors group – a chance to get together with like minded people who have either taken part in one of our events, or have volunteered.  Most weeks you’ll find MTB, running or swimming meets being organised around the Somerset area!


So Why Do We Do It?

So, back to the first question!  Why do we do it?  First and foremost, for you! For our community, and for the amazing outdoor spaces that surrounds us.
Thank you for supporting our mission, you’re all amazing!