COVID-19: Safety and Social Distancing Measures

Your safety during our events is really important to us but even more so given the current COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. 

We are really excited to be able to start delivering our wide range of events in Somerset and North Devon and while doing so we have implemented a range of measures to keep you as safe as we can. 

Across all of our events we will put measures in place that are appropriate for the current situation, the type of event, the location and the latest government guidance at the time of each event. Below you’ll find a list of measures that we will implement, some present at every event and some on a dynamic basis:

– Start types; register and go, time trial or small wave. This decision will be made closer to the event based on the government guidance at the time of the event and whats appropriate for the size, type and location. There will be no mass starts for the foreseeable future. 

– One way outdoor registration system and one way finish line to finisher momento area. Signage will be in place to manage these areas and we ask that all entrants follow the system/instructions. 

– At registration, all entrants will have their temperature checked and COVID related questions asked. Those with a high temperature and/or COVID related symptoms will be asked to not take part and return home.

– Information from the entrants personal details form coupled with the event check in list on the day will be used for track and trace should an entrant develop COVID-19 symptoms post event. All entrants MUST inform us ASAP should they develop symptoms on event day or post event. 

– Face masks will be supplied to all staff/marshals and in use at all checkpoints where entrant number collation is required. It is the responsibility of each entrant to keep a 2m gap from our marshals and to stop and have their entrant number taken at each checkpoint. 

– Hand sanitiser at every checkpoint with a water/aid station, for use pre and post water refilling. 

– Increased toilet facilities at the event hub (all events) and at the halfway checkpoint (Exmoor Perambulation), sanitiser is available at all toilets.

– Half way transfer bus (Exmoor Perambulation only) will only be half filled with 1m+ gaps between passengers who will be required to wear a face covering and so will the driver. Family groups can sit together but 1m+ gaps in place between family groups and other passengers. 

– All entrants MUST carry a face covering which needs to be worn at registration/finish check in and on any event transport. At each entrants discretion or if asked to do so by a marshal there may be situations other than the two listed above where they may also need to be worn. Entrants are not required to wear face coverings during the event where social distancuing of 1m+ (2m where possible) can be maintained.

–  Entrants must carry their own hand sanitiser as we simply cannot marshal every gate and stile. Sanitising hands to open gates and/or climb over stiles will be left at the entrants discretion. 

– We have written a detailed COVID-19 risk assessment and this has been submitted to our insurers and the various autorities, stakeholders and landowners to gain the required permissions for each event. 

All of the above has been implemented to keep our entrants, staff and spectators as safe as we can. The above measures require everyone to follow them to keep us all as safe as possible at this very difficult and uncertain time.

We would like to thank you in advance for your co-operation and we are really looking forward to seeing you all at a Channel Event soon.