Exmoor Running and Walking Festival 2024


The Exmoor running and walking festival is a celebration of travelling on foot within the stunning Exmoor National Park. Whether you are a runner or a walker we’ve got something to challenge you as we base ourselves in the remotest part of the National Park.

How did the festival come about?

We’ve been organising the historic Exmoor Perambulation for 8 years now and our very own concept, Man vs Moor for 7 years. In past years they’ve been on different weekends over the summer but in 2021 we decided to bring them together on the same weekend. Not only is it the summer solstice so the longest days but it also opens up the opportunity to get more people together in one location to celebrate Exmoor and it’s stunning terrain.

Why bring them together?

We wanted to showcase the wild running and walking that Exmoor has to offer to a wider range of people. By delivering these two events on the same weekend we get to bring more of you together at the same venue at the same time, get more people staying at the event hub for the weekend creating a really nice vibe and social occasion and hopefully see a few of you rise to the challenge of doing both events in some capacity over the weekend.

The 2024 Festival Includes:

Friday 21st June 2024

– Sunset Swim at Pinkery Pond 

– Guest Speaker – TBC

Saturday 22nd June 2024

– The Exmoor Perambulation – Long Distance Walk (30 miles or 15 miles)

– The Exmoor Perambulation – Ultra Trail Marathon (30 miles)

– The Exmoor Perambulation – Wild Trail Run (15 Miles) 

– Family Walk (3 Miles) 

– Guest Speaker – TBC

– A BBQ will be available for you to bring and cook your own food

Sunday 23rd June 2024

– Man vs Moor Light – 5 km

– Man vs Moor Classic – 10 km

– Man vs Moor Ultimate – 10 Miler

– Man vs Moor Kids – 1.5 km

Both Friday and Saturday nights will see the opportunity to have social gatherings to share stories of running and walking and be inspired by our guest speakers. We are also working on screening some really interesting and inspiring films/documentaries about the activities we all love.

For more information on each of the events that make up the Exmoor Running and walking Festival or to enter, click on the logos and buttons below.

Want to know more about each event?


The Perambulation is Exmoor National Park’s iconic traditional self-navigated circular long distance walking event dating back over 725 years and we we are also offer up entries to runners. 

Are you ready for the Exmoor Perambulation?

This year’s 30 mile “relaxed journey on foot for exercise or pleasure” (as the dictionary defines it!) around the original boundary of the Royal Hunting Forest of Exmoor will take place on Saturday 22nd June 2024. You’ll be participating in a historic event that traces its origins back to the time of Edward I.

This is one of the most challenging walks in the Exmoor annual calendar and now for all you ultra marathon addicts you can join in the fun too. During the 30 miles the route follows the boundary of the Royal Forest at the time of its sale in 1818. One great aspect of this event is that much of the route is accessible only with permission of the landowners concerned – so you’ll access parts of the National Park not normally open to the public. Please remember to keep strictly to the route provided, which has been agreed with the landowners – detailed instructions, maps and GPX files are available form our downloads page to help you navigate the sections which do not follow public rights of way and the route in it’s entireity. You need to feel great about this as you will also be participating in the continuation of Exmoor’s rich history. 

Take on Exmoor’s toughest challenge and battle the elements in our most exclusive and challenging event yet.

Based on the ancient ‘Chains’ area of Exmoor, the routes take you through some of the most remote parts of Exmoor National Park. Each obstacle has been created naturally over time through the history and legacy of the moor.

Sounds like a challenge?  Keep reading…

Join the tribe and be part of something much bigger than just a race. Stay the night before or for the weekend and meet with the Channel Events Tribe and your fellow entrants to plan your attack and get acclimatised to the surroundings. Whilst you’re running your family and friends can be making their way to viewpoints to keep their eye on your progress. In 2020 we added a 5km option, tweaked the 10 mile option and also added a kids 1.5 km option.

Your reward?

All entrants will have the opportunity to purchase one of our signature laser engraved wooden medals. 1st male and 1st female in the 5km, 10km and 10 mile events will receive a trophy for their bravery and success in tackling the moor.  There will also be a rewarding mug of hot chocolate courtesy of Miles to get your sugar levels back up – you will need it!

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