With the cold weather, dark mornings and evenings, and it just feeling pretty grey – keeping your running mojo shining brightly can be hard work.

So how can you keep motivated to run during Winter months so that you are ahead of the game when Spring comes back around?

There are a few options… 

Find an indoor sport

If you really can’t face the winter roads and trails, why not turn to a different sport to help keep your cardio up.  Swimming, badminton, five-a-side football are options to keep your fitness up during the Winter. 

Don’t neglect the strength training

Even when the Winter is in full swing, there is no excuse for not continuing with your strength training.  It should be an integral part of your weekly routine and if you’re not running so much, then maybe add an extra session into the mix.

Invest in a Treadmill

Sometimes the weather just makes it a little too undesirable to get out… and can even be dangerous.  Investing in a treadmill will ensure you can keep going through the winter months in the comfort of your own home (or garage) in front of Netflix! 

Doing little is better than doing nothing at all

Don’t beat yourself up too much if you miss that run, just try and get out for the next one. It’s when you miss several which then turns into weeks that you then regret fobbing them off. When you finally get back to it, it’s going to hurt!  We’ve all been there and definitely regret not putting just a little effort in to keep in with our running. 

Sign up to a challenge… or a Race

So many runners are turning to virtual events and challenges to help keep them motivated and rewarded for their efforts. Just doing something exercise-wise each day will make a difference. We have the #LapofLapland Challenge, which is encouraging our community to keep up with the pacer around the map and achieve 300 miles across the season! 

Challenge Events also hold many races over the Winter months which is sure to keep you fired up and your running game fresh. We are excited to be attending their April event One Fynne Night – we hope to see you there! 

Last but not least – join a Community

Our Start Running Stay Running Community is a free group on Facebook and has members from around the world.  Our ethos is to celebrate every runner and every run – from 2 miles to 26.2 … and beyond.  

For a little more structure and accountability, we have our VIP membership full of coaches in all areas of running and wellbeing to help you reach your next goal, answer all your running questions and hold you accountable every step of the way. 

To find out more about Start Running Stay Running visit www.startrunningstayrunning.co.uk