Saturday 14th July 2018

Man vs Moor 

Saturday 14th July 2018

Have you got what it takes to take on the moor?

Enter this challenging wild trail running and open water swimmimg event covering 10 kilometres set in the stunning and remote western end of Exmoor National Park.

You’ll find yourself scrambling up and down steep combes, crossing boggy valley heads, swimming across Pinkery Pond and going underground in this truly awesome event.

Based on the ancient Chains area of Exmoor, the route takes you through some of the most remote parts of the national park. Walk the route on any other day of the year and you’ll struggle to find another human in this amazing natural environment.

Getting to the finish line will be tough but exhilarating – you’ve run, swam and scrambled underground to get there – and the buzz in the event village at the finish is awesome.

The next 40 entrants will receive overnight accommodation at the Pinkery Centre on the Friday night for FREE. So get some friends to tackle the moor with you, bring a BBQ and all spend the evening before relaxing with fellow entrants and organisers. (This information will be updated when these are no longer available)

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Everything you need to know…

This year’s Man vs Moor is being held on Saturday 14th July. Test yourself against 10 kilometres of wild trail running set in the stunning and remote western end of Exmoor National Park.

The Event Village, Parking and Start/Finish line will be based at the Pinkery Centre, Simonsbath, Somerset TA24 7LL


  • Registration opens: 08.00
  • Race briefing: 09:45
  • Race starts: 10:00


As you drive into Pinkery follow the access road until you reach the centre. Follow the access road around to the right of the building and park in the field ahead. Please follow instructions from the marshals from here on. Parking is in a field so we advise that you park your cars facing down hill should the ground become difficult. 


Please bring a completed personal details form for each person in your group. This can be downloaded from the downloads page or by clicking here.

You will be given your entry number. This is on a piece of waterproof paper you must attach to your shirt/vest. Entrants must stop at the water entry check point – here you will be held for 1 minute before you can enter the water whilst your number is recorded and your heart rate settles. Your number must be submitted to the registration desk upon your return to event base.


The route will be way-marked at key points but there are long unmarked sections. This is a tough undertaking covering varied terrain including open rugged moorland, steep combes, boggy valley heads, bridleways, footpaths, tussock grass, a 75 metre swim and a 25 metre tunnel.

You’ll need to stick to the route. We are very priviledged to be able to run an event of this nature in this remote part of Exmoor National Park. Failure to follow the agreed route will jepodise the future of the event.

You MUST be able to swim 100m in an open water environment.  The water temperature will be around 10 degrees.

Entry to the water will be controlled with a 1 minute hold, entry to the waist, head dip, check and swim. You will swim in your running gear and exit straight to the tunnel entrance.  You will be given a helmet which must be worn and buckled before entry.  After the tunnel section there is a 1km run to the finish.


Please drink lots of fluids before the event. Due to the remote nature of the event we cannot get fluids out on the route. There are toilets in the event village.

Before and after the race refreshments will be available from the ‘Little Van Rouge’, a boutique vintage catering service served out of a superbly restored 1956 Citroen H van.  This is not included in your entry fee.


Provided by Channel Adventure and the events team.


Please make sure you visit the registration desk at the end of the race to submit your race number and collect your goody bag. If you wish to drop out at any point please inform the nearest checkpoint/marshal of your intentions.


You have entered a competitive off-road running event with a difference. This is NOT a walk in the park. prior training is necessary, including preparing yourself for the cold open water swim. Please contact us with any questions about your suitability for this event or about training.

Care for other entrants and for the wildly beautiful Exmoor National Park must be at the top of your priority list.  Your finish time will be recorded and published shortly after the event finishes. A prize giving ceremony will take place when all the runners have returned safely to the event village.

Entry requirements and information



Personal Details Form Download here


  • This is a challenging race across difficult terrain and tracks through the stunning Exmoor National Park.
  • All entrants must be over 16 years of age to enter.
  • All entrants are responsible for ensuring they are physically able to take on the challenge that they have signed up for.
  • Suitable trail running footwear must be worn throughout the event.
  • All entrants MUST be able to comfortably swim 100m in the open water environment.


The following equipment must be worn/carried.

  • Suitable trail running clothing for the weather conditions on the day.
  • Suitable trail running shoes that have good grip for the open moorland environment.
  • Food and drink as required
  • A whistle
  • Most entrants will carry a light running sac or bum bag.
  • All entrants must take account of the weather conditions, which may be encountered during the race and may mean it’s necessary to carry additional items.

For example:

  • Emergency food which should remain untouched during the race, being used only in the event of an emergency.
  • Warm clothing
  • Survival bag/blanket capable of enclosing the whole body
  • Waterproof, jacket and trousers

The organisers will disqualify any entrant scaling a fence where a gate exists, taking a short cut, or failing to re-fasten a gate.  This measure is necessary to ensure that the entire route, some of which passes over private land, remains available.

The organisers advise that entrants carry emergency contact details. This is good practice.  Should an entrant decide to retire for whatever reason, either control or the marshal at the nearest Check Point must be informed of the retirement. Call the event emergency/retirement number as soon as possible: 07968 886438 – please add to your contacts

Please check the website, Facebook or Twitter for any last minute changes to the event, particularly in the run-up to the event.


All entrants should be aware that this is a challenging, wild multi activity event and considerable physical effort and stamina is required to complete the distance. We therefore recommend that you undertake suitable training beforehand.

Whilst the organisers will do everything possible to safeguard entrants, no responsibility can be accepted.  Those who require insurance cover against possible injury and/or loss of, or damage to, property should make their own arrangements.

Please note that the organisers reserve the right to re-organise the event in any way considered appropriate to prevailing conditions. If the event has to be cancelled through no fault of the event organisers, no refund will be made.

Participating in trail running and open water swimming will always have associated risks of personal injury. We make every effort to minimise this risk. However, there are inherent risks of bumps, bruising, sprains, scrapes, cuts. More serious injury cannot be ruled out and participants taking part in this event should be aware of the risks and be responsible for their own actions and aware of their ability to complete the course.


Should you need to cancel your booking once it has been confirmed, the person making the booking must notify us in writing or email. The date on which we receive written notification will determine the level of cancellation charges applicable. 

Cancellation up to 2 months before to the event – full refund. Cancellation less than 2 months before – no refund.  Entries may be transferred to another suitable entrant up to 1 month before the event – contact us via email.

No discount or reduction in fees will be made if the weather or other conditions outside the control of Channel Events preclude all or part of the event taking place.

If Channel Events fail to attend or cancel under no circumstances will consequential losses be met. Concerned entrants are advised to take out insurance to cover this eventuality.


Please remember to print off, fill out and bring to the event the Personal Details Form. Under 18’s need to have the form signed by a parent or legal guardian.



The Exmoor Explorer is a non-competitive mountain biking event of 20 or 40 miles, held in the beautiful Exmoor National Park in the South West England. 

Open moorland, woodland trails, natural single track and secluded Combes, the Explorer doesn’t disappoint. This iconic Exmoor cycling event was started 18 years ago by Team Zoyland and we at Channel Events are immensely proud to take it on for 2017 and beyond.

The Quantock Quake is a non-competitive mountain biking event of 20 or 35 miles, held in the Beautiful Quantock Hills AONB, Somerset, South West England. Open moorland, woodland trails, natural single track and secluded Combes, the Quake has it all. Started 5 years ago by Dan Brice and Dave Jackson to put something back into the sport they love.

Whether you choose the 20 or 35 mile route you will be able to access areas of the Quantocks usually restricted. You’ll also see some of the greatest views from and of the Quantocks and be fully supported by our friendly Quantock Quake event team. 

The Exmoor Perambulation, is a traditional circular long distance walking event dating back over 725 years.

This is one of the most challenging walks in the Exmoor annual calendar. During the 31 miles of cross country walking you will be taking in breathtaking views and accessing parts of the National Park not normally open to the public. You will also be participating in Exmoor’s rich history! 

The perambulation is very challenging so training is highly recommended for the event, but it’s well worth it as the views are spectacular across Exmoor National Park. 

Are you into Stand-up Paddle-boarding?

Fancy taking it to a whole new level?

Get involved with the fast growing white water stand-up paddle-boarding scene by entering ‘Battle of the Barle’.

Our Exmoor based river event will see you enter a down river sprint, a boarder cross event and a ‘King of the Wave’ comp.

Be part of the new craze!


What if I can’t swim?

The main event does include a 50-75 metre open water swim. If you cannot confidently swim at least 100m in open water then this event isn’t for you.

I can run 10km on the road, is this for me?

If you can run 10km, thats great. We suggest that you get plenty of trainng in beforehand concentrating on covering the distance off-road and in a remote trail environment. We would also suggest that you up your road distance. The nature of the terrain is going to make this feel further than 10km due to the steep climbs and uneven ground.

What if I run out of time?

In short, you won’t. The run starts at 10:00 and we expect all entrants will be back safe by 15:00. Our events are more about inclusion, accessibility and participation than competition. The quickest entrants will be back in around an hour and a half but if you wish to enjoy the route and take on the challenge with your mates then that’s cool too. Our sweepers will be there to offer encouragement to the back markers. Get some good training in and you’ll be just fine – and for any advice on training just call us up for a chat.

Is it possible to get lost?

The route will be way-marked with blue tape and flags. As long as you keep focussed you’ll be fine. Marshals will be present at difficult areas or particularly challenging obstacles. There will also be event sweepers picking up the route markers behind the last runners .

What if I want to run with my mates?

This is a challenging wild adventure race but that doesnt mean you have to be competitive. If you want to enter and take on the route with your mates to gain a sence of achievement then that’s awesome. Our events are just as much about inclusion, accessibility and participation as they are about competing.   

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