‘Stay Home’ – Virtual Challenges

Like you we are stuck at home on ‘lockdown’ due to the current Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic and in need of activity and vitamin D to make us feel good and stay sane!

So we can all get back out there taking part in mass participation events as soon as possible the UK government are asking us all to ‘Stay Home’ to save lives. The sooner the curve can flatten and then start to drop the sooner we can all be released back into what ever will become ‘normality’! As event organisers we love the social buzz of the event and the chance to complete, compete and interact with other cool people doing awesome things! 

At Channel Events we feel that actively encouraging people to leave their house and run, walk, ride or swim a required distance is not helpful for this current situation which is why we’ve decided to set up our ‘Stay Home’ virtual challenges! 

How does it work I hear you ask?

Well, put simply, you get your creative juices flowing and think up a challenge that you can do in the space you have available. This could be:

Running a marathon, half marathon, 10km or 5km in your garden or court yard.

Using your stairs repeatedly to climb the height of Ben Nevis

Camping out in the garden with your family

Riding a set distance on your turbo trainer (indoors or in the garden)

Have a campfire and toast marshmallows or cook your dinner

The options are endless and its all about getting active and getting outside (if applicable) in the confines of your own property. 

What do I get for my efforts?

We have a couple of options for you. Ultimately we want to develop a community via Facebook for you to engage with and share your challenge ideas, training/development ideas, completion evidence and here’s the cool bit, show off the design you’ve created on your medal to reflect your challenge!

We’ve got a number of surplus wooden medals from events over the past year or so and the back of them is blank. Because this is wood it gives an ideal platform for you to design your own medal to reflect your ‘Stay at Home’ challenge. Paint, sketch, engrave or burn the design on the medal and you have a moment to keep as a reminder of your efforts! We’ll get them out in the post to you ASAP (postage times are varied due to the current situation) and then you can complete your challenge and design your medal. Keep us posted throughout using the Facebook Group! It’s going to be awesome!!

You can choose three medal options:

1. ‘I’m Staying At Home! – Medal Please’ –  £10.00 (Medal and Lanyard posted to your door)

2. ‘You guys are great! Sign me up for £15’ – As per number 1 but with a £5 extra donation to our very small social enterprise get through these troubled times

3. ‘I Love you guys! Take £20, I got your back’ – As per number 1 but with a £10 extra donation to our very small social enterprise get through these troubled times

The medals are 70mm (standard Channel Events Size) which are super cool. 

Our medals and lanyards are produced in the South West from sustainable sources in line with our ‘support local’ ethos.

Not fussed about a medal and like us struggling at this time, no worries. Use the ‘Sign me Up – No Medal required’ option to enter for FREE and get added to our database for future event info. Please actively engage with the Facebook group if you choose this option.

We hope you enjoy getting creative and active at home and we look forward to seeing you on start line later this year once we get through this awful coronavirus situation!

Stay Safe, Stay Strong and we’ll see you on the otherside! 

Thinking of entering a ‘Stay Home’ Virtual Challenge?

Solo or with the family!

Choose something to suit your garden/home!

Get Creative!!

Then send us your photo evidence to populate the gallery below!

Don’t forget to post your challenge results and evidence in the facebook group to motivate and inspire others too!

Got a question?